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W H Y   do you need Search Engine Optimization? Here are the facts:

  • FACT: 85% of web traffic is originated from a search engine or directory
  • FACT: 70% of all online purchases originate from Google, Yahoo, or MSN (TOP 3 search engines)
  • FACT: 72% of clicks goes to top 10 sites listed for a given search word or phrases.
  • FACT: 94% of clicks goes to top 30 sites listed for a given search word or phrases.

What else should I know?

  • Positioning up to theTOP 10 is not an easy job, but can be done with hard work and patience
  • Do not trust anyone who "guarantees" a TOP 10 position quickly.
  • Do not trust anyone who "guarantees" a TOP 10 position.
  • We do not promise what we cannot deliver. But we do promise our best to have your website as close to the top as possible in search engine listings.
  • We do not use abusive optimization methods, so if you are thinking of spamming please DO NOT contact us.

Search Engine Optimization by Magnetic-Design

Using correct methods, your site can, over time, obtain a top position.
Using wrong methods or no optimization will result in lower or non-existent ranking.
Investing thousands in fancy design will lead you nowhere.

Research and experience gives us the tools and the best-proven techniques to transform your pages and contribute to a higher ranking.
Our work does not involve unethical SEO techniques. We do not SPAM. We also reserve the right to refuse doing SEO for unethical websites.

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