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Getting top listing in natural search can take up to one year from the moment your new web site is launched. Don't waste time waiting, get visitors using Pay-per-Click search. Or, simply get more targeted traffic using PPC.

How Pay-per-Click works?

Pay-per-Click is an effective tool for companies that offer real, valuable products or services. By subscribing to Google AdWordsTM or Yahoo!® Search Marketing (former OvertureTM) you can be listed within days and start immediately getting visitors. Beside choosing the right keywords and evaluating the bids, Pay-per-Click means attracting the right visitors that can be easily converted into customers.

What can we do for you?

We can guide you or we can directly do the work in order to attracting relevant visitors:
  • We will evaluate the number of people who will see your Pay-per-Click adds
  • We will choose right, easy to convert keywords
  • We will determine positive and negative keywords
  • We will write effective titles and descriptions
  • We will create content rich environment for your visitors to land on, and so fort to convert them into customers
  • We will evaluate the return of investment rate
  • We will evaluate the monthly costs
Also, additional tools from Google AdWordsTM or Yahoo!® Search Marketing (former OvertureTM) are available, so you can track results by yourself at any time.

To obtain a custom PPC quote for your site, please let us know your URL and we will return a quote and a description of our custom plan to you within 72 hours.

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