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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and SEO as part of SEM, is at always a custom job that must be customized to suit your needs, but also we feature 3 SEO plans to start from: Siver Gold and Platinum.

Keyword analysis for smaller sites x x x
Site analyses, site critic report x x x
Competitor analyses (10 competitors) x x x
Extended competitor analyses (up to 100 competitors) - - x
Analyses 10 client-chosen keywords or keyphrases x x x
Suggestions for future improvements x x x
Client report on the present website SEO status for those words or phrases and suggestions for future improvements in those areas - x x
Identifies and analyses the competition in the client marketplace. x x x
An analysis of keyword and keyphrase usage in their market x x x
SEO-friendly HTML template (frontpage only) x x x
SEO-friendly HTML template, inside pages - 2 pages 6 pages
Manual submission to 5 search engines and 5 directories (additional fees may apply from directories or search engines) - x x
Creation of meta tags (title, description, keywords) 3 pages 8 pages 16 pages
SEO Copywriting 1 page 2 pages 6 pages
Spell Checking 1 page 2 pages 6 pages
Browser Compatibility checking, Website Usability Analysis - 2 pages 6 pages
Image optimization 3 images 8 images 16 images
Price: $ 199.00 $ 400 $ 600

To obtain a custom SEO quote for your site, please let us know the URL and we will return a quote and a description of our custom plan to you within 72 hours.

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Important note:
  • Our work does not involve unethical SEO techniques.
  • We do not SPAM.
  • We reserve the right to refuse doing SEO for unethical websites.

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