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Search Engine Optimization Tutorial

The objectives of Search Engine Optimization and promotion is to increase web visitor to your site by ranking high in the results of search engines using techniques like:

Title and Meta Tags

Your ranking and the listing information that is displayed in search results is based on the words in your Title, Meta Description and Meta Keywords tags. If your site lacks these tags, or if they are improperly formatted, then your site will not be listed in some search engine.

Web Design Title Tag Title Tag - Your site Title Tag should be descriptive and meaningful. Do not use more then 12 words in your Title. The title should identify your site and indicate what your site is about. Visitors of search engines don't click on pages with confusing title.

Web Design Meta Description Tag Meta Description Tag - The Meta Description Tag should be used to provide more information about your site content. Most search engines use only the first 200 characters of your Description, so keep your description text concise and relevant in the first 200 characters.

Web Design Meta Keyword Tag Meta Keyword Tag - This Tag should include a list of all the keywords that relate to your site content. Add any search terms to this tag that you would like to have your site found under. Keywords are not displayed, but most search engines use the first 100 characters in the Keyword Meta Tag for ranking purposes. Do not use spaces after comas.

Web Design Keywords and keyword phrases Keywords and keyword phrases are case sensitive in some search engines. Use for 'book' 'Book'. However, pluralized words such as 'webmaster' and 'webmasters' are seen as different keywords.

Once you have compiled your list of keywords and phrases, incorporate them into your Title and Description tags. The key point to remember here is that the content of these tags should be readable and understandable. Do not lie to search engine. Keywords must also exist in the text of the page too.

Web Design Keyword spamming Keyword spamming, excessive repetition of the same keywords or keyword phrases in your site title, meta description and meta keyword tags will result in your site's removal from search engine listings.

<META name="KEYWORDS" content="dog,dog food,dog toys">

Title Tag

You must also use your primary keyword phrase as your web page title. Your primary keyword phrase should appear between the <TITLE> and </TITLE> tags.

Image Names and HyperLinks

Links on your web page should be displayed together with a small image in front of each link. This image might be a graphic arrow, or whatever you'd like. These images will not only enhance your web page, but they will also enable you to place your keyword phrases within the Alt tags. When you begin creating your links, make sure the page name, image name and page description text all contain your keyword phrases.

<img src="dog_food.gif" alt="dog food"><a href="xxx">Dog Food</a>

Body Text

Optimizing your text is an important step towards ranking higher in the Search Engines. Your web page should contain text and should contain each of your keywords and keyword phrases. If all of your keyword phrases you've listed within your META tags aren't found within your text, the Search Engines will ignore them.

The META tag "keywords" works for Altavista; Google use content and titles.

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