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27% of visitors leave slow, broken links web sites. Can you afford this?

It is so hard to make visitors find your web site.
It is even harder to convert a visitor into a customer.
But it is a waste to let visitors leave your website because of a broken link or a missing image.

Of course, you can try to guess what is wrong with your website, why visitors are not turn out to customers or what is your position beside your competitors.

Or you can ask for your
FREE Site Critic Report.
Deliver good experience to your visitors and get full control over your web site.
  • Detection of inbound links
  • Detection of outbound links
  • Detection of on-topic/off-topic links
  • Detection of slow pages
  • Detection of broken links
  • Detection of missing images
  • Redirects Checking
  • Stale Content
  • Keyword analyse
  • Search engines position analyse
To obtain a custom FREE Site Critic Report for your site, please let us know the URL and we will return a quote and a description of our custom plan to you within 3 business days.

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  • We reserve the right to refuse doing SEO or FREE Site Critic Report for unethical or doubtful.

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