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We help you build your own site and provide you with tools and resources to help you with your task. Almost all are free tools and resources that you can download or use from the internet free of charge. Download the software, try it and rate that free resource on our site.

Here is a list of webmaster's tools, resources and services that we think are some of the best on the net. Fallow each category to find that resource. We provide you with a description of the tools and resources listed under that category.

Page validation Service
While searching the WEB, you get to see a lot of sites with bad HTML. Most web designers make HTML mistakes that most web browsers will correct but you don't afford to do that, so why not check your page before publishing it.

W3C HTML Validation Service

Use this free service to validate your site pages. W3C is the World Wide Web Committee. So, if your site passes this test, you can be sure that it complies with the HTML standard

Page Access Analyzer

This free service will analyze your site's accessibility, allowing you to test if there are problems accessing your site with a many different browsers. Also, it tests if people with disabilities will have problems surfing your site.

Search engine promotion and optimization
Resources in this section will help you to rank higher on search engines. Some will allow you to analyze your site position, some to generate meta tags or keywords.

WorldSubmitter - Free Search Engine Submitter

This free submit service will submit your pages to over 1500 search engines. Use it at least once a month.

WebPosition - Search Engine Position Analyzer

This resource analyzes your web pages and generates HTML designed to take your page to the top. Then it helps you submit the pages and tracks their positions. This will transform you in a real search engine optimization guru.

Free Web Design Software and software to help you publish your pages.
Searching the WEB, you get lot of software, so why not check this resources we already tried for you.

HTML Editors
you need programs to assist you in your design efforts. These are HTML Editors. Click on the link and see some HTML Editors we tested for you.

FTP Software
a FTP client is a software you need in order to transfer files to a server supporting FTP protocol. Modern web hosting offer FTP capabilities allowing you to upload your pages.

Free Online Resources
online resources, all very useful to all web designers.

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