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Web design means a nice and clean look, but also a good functionality We help you build your site and avoid mistakes. Along with bad HTML there is a set of mistakes that will transform a good site in a web junk. Avoid this classic mistakes and give your site a good start.

Web Design Mistackes

1. Using Frames

Splitting a web page into frames is confusing for users. A web design involving frames break the user model of the web page. If using frames, you cannot bookmark the current page and return to it , URL's stop working, and prints of the pages becomes difficult. With frames you can not drive users and they go out the door. Frames makes harder for robots to index your site.

Scrolling Text, Marquees, Running Animations, Sounds

Moving elements confuses users, unless you have a good reason , animations attack the human senses. Give your user some time to read the text. Don't use sounds. Most users don't surf the web with the speakers on, and how many god sites use sound anyway

Orphan Pages

Make sure that all pages include a clear indication of what web site they belong to since users may access pages directly without coming in through your home page. For the same reason, every page should have a link up to your home page as well as some indication of where they fit within the structure of your information space. (make like a site map location).

Page under Construction

Don't use this. Most users will go out your site after seeing this. Don't use links that point nowhere. Users will stop using you site.

Non-Standard Link Colors

Links to pages that have not been seen by the user are blue. Don't mess with these colors since the ability to understand what link to follow is one of the few that is standard in most web browsers. Most users won't click a link that is not blue, they will simply fail to notice it.

Complex URL's

Users are horrify by lack of support for navigation and normally look in current web browsers for the address. A URL should contain human-readable directory and file names that reflect the nature of the information contained in that page. Users need to type in a URL, so use short names with all lower-case characters and no special characters.

Long Scrolling Pages

Users do not scroll beyond the information that is visible on the screen when a page comes up. A good web design will offer in this part enough information about the content and good navigation options on the top part of the page.

Long Download Times

Human allow 10 seconds response time before users lose interest. On the web, users have the possibility chose other site. Imagine that a user use search engine and then opens 3 pages. When 2 loads, the user will close the 3rd page that might be yours.

Lack of Navigation

Users know nothing about your site. They need support ,a god sense of structure. Start your design with a good understanding of the structure and communicate this structure explicitly to the user. Provide a site map and let users know where they are and where they can go.

It is not enough to design a web site.
Do it right! Learn how.

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