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Magnetic-Design combines reliability, performance, ease of use, and superior customer service to deliver Web Site Hosting and Design. Just a few steps, and your web site is on-line.

Affordable Web Hosting

We usually do not offer a web hosting as a standalone service, but we can consult you on that meter. We generally provide hosting to our web design clients.

Every 6 months we look at the best companies and chooses partners for our costumers to host their web site. We usually do not host ourselves the sites, instead we are proud to say that we offer the best solutions as we choose the best in this field.

We analyze:
  • Setup server/service.
  • Offer salability of the web host service.
  • Amount of traffic clients use.
  • Hosting options and commerce tools.
  • Error code and development support
  • Technical support.
  • Security features.
  • Cost
Depending of Magnetic Kit you choose, web hosting can be provided FREE, at $4.95/month or at a tailor-made fee for special needs.

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Web design means different approach for each site. Let's make your presence on the Internet a big success!

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